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Suno Tutorial Made by Suno AI

Pop song
lo-fi. cute girl voice

Suno Tutorial

Suno Tutorial

[Instrumental intro]


Hello everyone, I'm Nanashi Zero

This is a song about making high-quality tunes with Suno

Thanks for all your support

Let's start, no need to exhort!

[Instrumental solo]

Verse 1:

First up, your lyrics are key

Rhyming lines make them flow, you see

Not stiff or awkward, but smooth as can be

And better melodies, you'll get for free!

Use punctuation, it adds variety

Exclamation points elongate with clarity

Perfect for metal, creating intensity

Question marks pause, lending curiosity

[Instrumental solo]


Writing hot bars is an art to master

But ordering them lines, that's where it gets trickier

Keep the rhymes consistent, a steady pace

The AI will catch on, vocals stay in place

Some ask, how to add an intro to a tune

Actually there are two ways to get it done

You can write [intro] in the lyrics above

Then specify the instrument line below with love

Another way is to first generate some music

Then go to Extend, let the AI do its trick

Verse 2:

Spaces between words, a subtle trick

Helping the AI catch where lines click

Ensuring your rhymes seamlessly stick

No more disjointed verses, a fix!

Now, about continuing a song

Some say the AI can go way wrong

Forgetting what came before, a mismatch strong

Just copy the previous line along

Thanks for listening, I'll sign out

Share, like, subscribe, give a shout

Making dope music is what it's about!


Keep practicing your craft, becoming better


an anime girl, white hair with a black cap for the song cover